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i am not a big marketer, but i do know keyword reseach, on page SEO, off page SEO. what a blog needs, pagespeed, alt tags, sitemaps, internal linking, all the things necessary for Google to respect web pages and rank them and then rank them high in search results

i personally have sites with keywords that rank on the first page. my own work with the help of paid backlinks, because you need backlinks for Google to respect your pages. backlinks with unique content relating to your keywords on pages made to backlink to your pages. Google sees the relative content, not forum profile backlinks, or backlinks from any site thats just a link on a site

this site i have a couple first page rankings, and i have paid for backlinks to these keywords, otherwise Google wouldnt care about my pages and rank them so high, rite there on the first page where money is being made for as long they are there

this is a new site of mine, 5 months old. today one of my keywords is at #9 on Google, thats the bottom of page 1. i didnt buy any backlinks for this site. and in 5 months im rite there waiting to make money, of course it needs to be higher. but thats excellent rank for no backlinks in 5 months

i can obviously help you rank your pages. i can help you with an existing site if possible, depending on the niche you are in and the ease of the keywords. or i can show you a dead on way to rank for a new product review site. if you dont write, just buy the reviews. youre responsible for any content. or start a new site ill help

im willing to spend as much time with you personally on Skype, a week, two weeks, whatever ill be there for you, and im up 20 hours a day in front of the computer. until you understand everything and your blogs have all the necessary things done for Google to respect it and rank

it will take months to rank in a good position, and you do have to buy backlinks, i will show you what to buy, and these are respectable links by Google. or maybe youll get a good position like i did today with my #9 position without backlinks

you can question me, you can question my appearance and reliability, but i have shown you my own results. thats what you want, the first page of Google

where will you be in 6 months if you dont buy my service, where will your pages be? i can get you there youve seen it here. be prepared to spend money for my service, not much, and be prepared to buy backlinks