Freelance Services by Roman Sarder


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I offer the following services:

- Adaptation of your websites for mobile devices
- Script for automation
- Parsers, scrapers, crawlers
- CRM systems
- Database programming: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, CouchDB, Redis, Memcached
- eCommerce platforms
- Landing pages
- Social networks
- Bots
- High load systems and others

I do jobs of any complexity in the shortest terms.
Can make a team for your project if needed.
Have experience of working both I in big and small companies. There is some freelance experience as well.
Development can be done using any programming language from my skill set if it’s suitable for particular task. I am able to help you with technical document creation if you are struggling or don’t know exactly what you want to create. Keeping in mind that I am a newbie in freelancing, my rate is 10$. I am ready to support projects that are developed by me even after our collaboration ends.

My tech stack:
- Javascript (ES7)
- React, Vue, Angular 6
- NodeJS, ExpressJS
- Webpack, Rollup
- PHP 7
- Laravel, Symfony, Yii2
- Python
- Django, Flask
- Golang
- Revel
- Ruby
- Ruby on Rails
- Amazon Web Services

skype: darklord241
telegram: @WordNinja
[email protected]