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Jun 21, 2019
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Hey, I'm Jason with Colossal Audio. If you are in need of audio mixing services I would love to help. I specialize in Rock and Metal music but audio production is the love of my life, and I can do any work that you need done for a very affordable rate including other genres,
video audio, music covers, voice overs, etc
Rock and metal music is all about the energy. Lets make your song the best it can be. As an engineer, I care about your music as much as you do, because in the past I've gotten shot mixes from recording studios and know what it is like to be disappointed.

The link to samples of my work and service offerings is here:

Mixing includes (but is not limited to):
Proper leveling for each instrument or vocal line
Autotune (if desired)
Use of professional grade plugins to bring your song energy - Waves, Fabfilter, etc
Post-production effects
Reamping of guitars or bass (custom tones)
Drum sample reinforcement (or replacement)

My preferences:
Tracks that were not clipping when recorded (Trust me, its for the best)
Reference for generally what sound you want
In tune guitars/bass
Tracks played in the correct tempo
The best source sound you could of gotten

Understand that without reamping or sample replacement I am limited to the source sound that you provide. The better your source sound/performance = the better results of your song.

I have a wide range of inspiration. Anything from Judas Priest (Heavy metal), to Led Zeppelin (Classic rock) to The Dillinger Escape Plan (Mathcore) or At The Gates (Death Metal)