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About This Gig
I will also perform interactive tests for you. What does it mean? It means that if you aim to test a service that requires the joint presence of you and me, I will agree with you to choose the best time to test your service with you, maintaining constant communication with the buyer.
In my last job, I tested an online video call service. Everything was done via chat and the final pdf was just a formality.

As described in the gig, I will test for you a maximum of 5 pages of your website. You can provide the test scenario or you can simply give me the link of your website and I will test for you 5 pages of my choice. However, everything will be decided via chat once you have ordered the work.
After the test, I will provide you with a final report containing:
  1. Title of the bug
  2. Description of the bug
  3. Attachments
  4. Steps to reproduce the bug

The PC software test will take place in a protected environment. For this reason, I will install and launch your application in a sandbox environment or virtual machine.