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Good Day!

I'm here to help with a couple different services which range from Graphic Design to Computer Analysis and Technician Services.

Let us begin with my Graphic Art Services,
I have been doing graphic art through photoshop for the last 4 or 5 years which has been used for numerous things including apparel merchandise, company logos, company and personalized business cards, web domain and forum themes, game server advertising, banners/posters, as well as streaming services (Twitch streams mainly).
My main category that my graphic art would fall under is more than likely abstract and fractal design. However I am capable in a few other design categories as well which can include 3D, 2D, blocky, simplistic, etc.
I charge nothing for inquiries, my charge rates are mostly low but will depend on each and every job asked of me. All prices I give are not a final price until payment has been made via paypal or venmo, and prices can be slightly negotiated if deemed unfair.
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Computer Service Technician Services,
I have recently completed vocational training in the IT field which has left me with one year of professional experience and training.
I have attained a IC3 GS4 certification, and all vocational training was done with CompTIA's A+ study books.
My skills contribute towards Hardware(physical components), Software(programs), and Peer-to-Peer Networking repair/setup/installation/removal. Virus Removal, Computer Optimization, Junk Removal, New OS install/upgrade/downgrade. WebDoman/Forums/Game Host Server setup.
All services can be provided over remote control access via TeamViewer, or through phone call/video call, or if located in Snohomish, Skagit, Chelan, or King County in Washington State in-person services can be offered at home/office location (rates may depend on how far away you are located.)
Again as said for graphic art services, my rates and charges change from job to job depending on all circumstances however not on a fixed price until final agreement and payment has been placed via Paypal or Venmo.

Attached are a few small examples of my graphic design, as far as computer service technician services some pictures can be quite hard to provide at the moment but will be attached in the near future (within a week from today)

I appreciate your time and consideration, any and all inquires can be posted here or emailed to me personally at [email protected]. Any more details that are needed will be provided as needed.

Best of Regards,
Aidan Johns
IT Analyst and Graphic Designer