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Anyone have any advice on building a freelance cooking business?


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Hmm. There is an app out there called NOM on Apple or Android that allows you to post videos of your cooking sessions to gain exposure. I did a beta testing for them and was paid $150


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Anyone have any advice on building a freelance cooking business?


You need to provide a frame of reference for your business.
- Are you a cook yourself and want to host pop up dinners?
- Do you have an army of chefs trying to cater to family events?
- Do you want to get money from ads on a cooking blog?
- Do you want to earn youtube revenue? (for this I'd say go specific rather than generic because there's a lot of there)


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I think creating a Youtube channel would be much better, I mean I know I wouldn't literary pay for watching someone cook, and I think you can earn money from Youtube as much as a freelancers and 10 times more


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You could go and create a nice looking website, offering your services around your local area. YouTube is also very helpful, although I think most people will watch your videos to check out your recipes, not to hire you to cook for them.


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I think it is a good idea and I wish you a lot of success in realizing it. I personally love to cook and enjoy my husband and children with delicious food. It is a special feeling when they come from work/school and I enjoy them with new foods. Lately, I have started to deal more with personal development so that I do not have so much time that I can dedicate to food preparation. For this reason, my husband proposed to take different cooking appliances to make it much easier for me. The last thing I bought was a grill for an apartment balcony from and it helps me a lot, and the food comes out very delicious. I am glad that we have reached the 21st century where technologies help us so much.


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I also like to cook, especially desserts. Before, I needed a special recipe book from either my friends or my mother. But now I open any application, either on Youtube or Instagram and find how to prepare any dish, very convenient.