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Well, I’ve just graduated from University and is having free time and wanting to do some freelancer job about designing and from the beginning, I want to design for FREE for everyone who need it.

I’ve set up a fanpage on Facebook at the link:

You can refer to some of the products I created here:

What I can design for you:

- Design Logo

- Redesign a new vector file (design file) from a Logo image (because some companies have their logo for a long time ago and there are only image files left (jpg, png) and don’t have high-quality design files, vector files)

- Photo editing (adding colors, change the sky background, delete objects ...)

For those who are interested in this post, you can contact me via:

- Facebook:

- Mobile: (+84) 39.888.5258 - Louis

- Email: [email protected]

- Language: English/Vietnamese

Thank you all for taking the time to this post 😊