Fiverr Buyer not paying me - is it some sort of scam or what?


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Oct 11, 2019
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Hello everyone! I am new here and I am new in freelance as well. Recently (in the beginning of August) one guy have found my profile on Fiverr and offered to work as a personal assistant - 8 hours/day. He was agree to work through Fiverr, but told that we should communicate through messagneg, because it's faster. He has a real estate business, has a website, so I thought everything is going to be ok and I didn't create an offer. I worked for the whole week, than I sent him an offer (through Fiverr, for payment) and he told me he will pay in an hour. Than was the whole months of a lie - he is sick, he is at the hospital, he is in another city, the last thing was awesome - he told me that now he is homeless... But I see that he keep working and everything is ok with him...
I have all proves that I did the work perfect (and that's what he told me few times), I have all correspondence, his emails and I can prove that I worked and he didn't pay, but WHAT can I do? I'm in another country and I can't even go to the police - I can go to police in my country (I did it), but they will do nothing... This guy is from the USA, I'm not.
I understand, that this is 100% my fault, but is there any way to get paid? Thanks everyone