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As a writer, be it freelance, part-time or full-time, it is not the easiest to always have topics to write about at hand all the time. We all grapple with writer's block for stretches of time, or feel like we have run out of something to write about. But after observing other writers, bloggers and drawing from my own experiences, here are a few tips to get the topic generation juices flowing again.

1. Magazine Surfing

From fashion to science magazines, there are a plethora of ideas you can generate just by looking into its pages. It is quite easy to pick up a few ideas from the magazine articles written, as they will give you an idea about the topics people want to read about. A useful tip I learnt from an online course, is to even use magazine article titles as catchy headlines for your own pieces.

Don't skip the advertisements published inside the glossy pages, as they are actually a gold mine of information. For example, you can write trend-based articles/blog posts just by observing the product advertisements splashed all over. They offer insights into consumer buying patterns and what is in demand.

2. Tuning Into Social Media

Most of us are active on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and the like. How about turning some of that procrastinating time into lucrative writing topic ideas? Instagram offers a lot of visual aids, such as the growing popularity in aesthetic product shots. Deriving inspiration from these product shots, it gets easy to deduce at least one or two topics. For example, looking at a product shot of daily used items from someone you admire professionally or a famous influencer, can give ideas like "Five items a successful person doesn't leave their house without".

Similarly, Facebook and Twitter is a great social media platform for generating opinion piece/op-ed topic ideas from statuses and hashtags, and Pinterest can help with creating a lot of "how to" and "tips" content ideas from the most pinned pictures.

3. Drawing From Words

This is a fun exercise to flex your writing muscle, and even learn something new on the fly. There are so many beautiful words in English; these are words that we do not use ordinarily. You can derive a lot of fresh writing inspiration from doing a simple Google search for 100 beautiful words in English. Use at least one word daily, or even use a few to create new writing topics for your next blog post or your website. This is a creative writing exercise that is bound to help you stay in touch with writing at all times, and expand your repertoire outside your usual writing niches.

4. Observe People

Listen to what your friend says about their current likes or dislikes, what other people are conversing about online and offline, what your co-worker has their attention centered on. These are all pointers on what most people like to talk about, listen to and yes, read about regularly. For example, people talk about taking short vacations a lot around holiday times. The easiest writing idea to get working on, is a list of destinations in your state or close to your state. Another topic to write about is free events or activities for those on a budget, but looking for something to do during the holidays. Hence, tune in to what conversation is doing the rounds repeatedly and you can hit jackpot.

5. Your Experiences Count

You were attending a formal event, or were jetting away on a holiday. And this time around, you managed to carry just the right amount of stuff in your bag or luggage without packing overkill. You want to bring it up in conversations somehow, but don't want to come across as a braggart. And you won't, because all you have to do is convert it into a useful tips-based content piece for frustrated over-packers out there looking for a guide.

How about your experiences with acing a test without breaking a sweat, your foolproof quick recipes when you have unexpected guests or hunger pangs, or getting over a hangover? Turn them into "how to" articles, and you might just have unique content.


Keeping these five tips in mind, it can help with topic generation for writing a number of articles. This way, you can always stay in sync with words and keep up with the conversation too.


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I always have fun watching and observing people. Sometimes all I do in coffee shops is to watch people go in and out while waiting for the right words to come into my mind.


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These are all great tips. I'd also like to contribute one more tip i.e. spying on competitors.

All you need to do is look at what content your competitors are production and then you can write on the opposite of these topics.

For ex: If the topic of a competitor is 5 Tips on how to write better content, so you can create content on an opposite topic like 5 Mistakes to avoid while writing.


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Excellent advise, one of the hardest part of a new community is creating original content, sometimes we run out of ideas for more posts, threads, and that lead to inactivity.