'Envelopegate' The Craziest Ending The Oscars Has Ever Had


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The Craziest Ending The Oscars Has Ever Had

At the tail end of the 2017 Oscar's ceremony, something truly unexpected happened: La La Land was handed the award for Best Picture...when the award was really won by Moonlight.


Kevin Winter / Getty Images

As Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway were presenting the final award for the night, Beatty hesitated before announcing the winner. He showed the envelope to Dunaway, who then blurted out, "La La Land."


Kevin Winter / Getty Images

And so the producers took the stage, and did their thing — BUT WAIT.


Kevin Winter / Getty Images

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This was the ugliest thing that has ever happened on Academy Awards.
And, honestly, I think that La La Land is 10 times better movie then Moonlight, Moonlight seems to me like they were making a movie with a itention to win a Oscar like heeey let's put some minor groups and we will win. Just to say I don't have anything against those groups, just the movie was so unconvincing for me


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This was definitely the biggest flop that ever happened at the Oscars. I mean, how could they have mixed up the envelopes for the most important award of them all? I feel really sorry for the cast and crew of La La Land. Something like this should not happen. This is even worse then simply finding out that you did not win.