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Does your family help you with your freelance work?

Discussion in 'Freelance Community Chat' started by dawndgolden, May 11, 2017.

  1. dawndgolden

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    May 10, 2017
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    I am a mom (a foster mom, to a sibling group actually). I love every moment of it, but for about two years I struggled with managing my personal time with my kiddos and my work. I always put my kids first, which in turn caused my business to always get behind. Later I began to learn that teaching my kids about my work, and even allowing them to help with it- actually allowed me to be more focused AND got them involved in my career in a positive way. My 12-year-old offers to check my emails for me, gives me an overview of them, and then deletes the ones that I don't think need a response. The littler kids can help me package my handmade products and put barcode stickers on them. It helps so much, and it's never required- they can do it when they feel like it. But a lot of the time when "mom is working" they like to take part. Keeps me focused and gives me time with the people I love. Does your family help with your freelance work? If so, how?

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