Does your family help you with your freelance work?


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I am a mom (a foster mom, to a sibling group actually). I love every moment of it, but for about two years I struggled with managing my personal time with my kiddos and my work. I always put my kids first, which in turn caused my business to always get behind. Later I began to learn that teaching my kids about my work, and even allowing them to help with it- actually allowed me to be more focused AND got them involved in my career in a positive way. My 12-year-old offers to check my emails for me, gives me an overview of them, and then deletes the ones that I don't think need a response. The littler kids can help me package my handmade products and put barcode stickers on them. It helps so much, and it's never required- they can do it when they feel like it. But a lot of the time when "mom is working" they like to take part. Keeps me focused and gives me time with the people I love. Does your family help with your freelance work? If so, how?


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My wife keeps the kids away when I am working, but my older son has expressed an interest in monetizing YouTube channels. I've been using past freelance work to show him how online ads, affiliate marketing, and product placement work. I'd very much like to find a gig he can participate in, but right now, it's all writing gigs. Nothing online.


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I used to get paid to write sports blogs. I hate sports. But I wrote some great stuff. I had a family member who knew all the pro football sports teams and religiously wanted to talk about the coaching the recruiting and the lineup of every team in the NFL.
I think I got very popular with men at the time BC I would start up a conversation with any guy I met about pro football just to find out what readers would be thinking about and talking about.
My family member knew why I was asking of course but it gave him a chance to teach someone about a subject he dearly wanted to talk about.

Great insights and took the heavy lifting out of writing about a subject that ten hours of game watching or reading couldn't have made up for.