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Let your patients easily book an appointment online. Custom doctor on demand app will serve as an attractive medium for patients to book an appointment at a Professional's office. Patients can search for professionals with whom they want to book an appointment. Call Master Software Solutions at +16506660012 or Email at [email protected]


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Great App! The easiest and fastest way to be seen by a doctor. It makes me happy to know I can see a doctor anytime. It's such a relief!


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I gave a try to some apps available for phones and they seem to work quite well. I still don't think that they can be compared to a real doctor's appointment and for some cases it doesn't really work. Take for example dentist and they work they do. I don't think it's logical to compare enough with an actual dentist. I'm doing training to open my own dentist office with training from Dr Hennessy Academy And the standards and procedures that we follow are really strict, so I'm pretty sure they cannot be copied or imitated by applications or AI.