Co-working groups?


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For those who freelance full-time, I was wondering if you take advantage of local co-working meet-up groups or co-working spaces, and what your experiences have been with them. I'm planning to go to my first next Tuesday, and I'm rather curious as to whether meeting new people will throw me off my to do list.

The one I plan to go to also has a larger online membership but people seem to come fairly irregularly, so conceivably I could be meeting new folks every time. That's not necessarily a bad thing. I was wondering what people's thoughts concerning co-working - benefits and drawbacks.


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I tried meetups. The concentration is very difficult to keep up. I seem to experience a lot of very under socialized people there. They want the cred without being required to demonstrate work ethics.
The minute you try to crack down and get some work done they act up like puppies. Good luck let us know how it goes for you.