burnout strategies


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well normally I don't talk about this but I used to have times where my inbox was full of work and I felt I was writing the same thing over and over again. Sometimes I felt that I had Good energy for products and services in the sales cycle but then in the daily grind I was getting pooped. People who don't volume freelance don't understand you can get as overwhelmed as an office job.
Worse you can alter to an un healthy lifestyle. I used to barely sleep because I had oversold my time and was afraid to say no to new gigs. People would invite me to lunch or out and i would assess in dollars the money I'd lose for "unpaid" socializing.
Also its funny how people think freelancing is easy or slacking. Its hard to walk away from the computer when you're losing money by doing so. The opportunity cost of everything else is so high you just want to center line on completing your blog posts and article assignments. And of course when it rains it pours. You can have days with barely anything to do and other days are all nighters.