Abiword for word processing


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While text files saved in Word for Windows is now the industry standard I have used a standalone word processing program called Abiword.
(This is not an advert)
Abiword has a clean and simplified look that is much less cluttered than Word.
Most people dont know this but most laptops and computers today with base windows or any WYSIWYG interface have a Works suite from Microsoft. I find thus also has a lot of utility without having to purchase a word processing software.
But Abiword is still free, and if you are like me possibly have very little use overall for excel access and PowerPoint.
If you need a good version of Abiword, Google it for the latest release.
I've never had a crash, and if you save the text files as rtf, you can save them in versions of word formatting using the Save As command.
Let me know your opinions and feedback!