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    Voice Acting Freelance Services by Tarnia

    I am a British Female Voiceover artist providing services to small and medium Businesses. I offer custom Voicemails , Explainers, Commercials, Podcasts , Dry DJ Drops, Narration and loads more. I look forward to connecting with you soon
  2. KKeppeler

    Writing & Transcription Freelance Services by Kris Keppeler

    Hi! I’m Kris, writer, audiobook narrator, media consultant, and award-winning podcaster. A specialist in bringing your project to life, I work with small to medium businesses to create enticing audio and blogs to attract customers. These include narrating and producing your audiobook ready for...
  3. KKeppeler

    Hi I'm Kris

    I'm an audiobook narrator, voice actor, and writer living in the Pacific NW. I freelance full time.