1. PurpleThorne

    Voice Acting Services That Won't Disappoint!

    Need a Voice actress? I'm your girl. And with $30 per project, my prices aren't bad either. With professional-quality microphones, editing software and can-do attitude, I'm sure to impress! So give me a shot and send me your project: https://www.fiverr.com/share/1Kvm64
  2. C

    Freelance Services by craig'svoicetal

    * British Voice Over * Freelancing in the creative industry is all about creating relationships. Letting people know what services you provide and how easy you are to work with. I realized this when a new client of mine was in a pinch and needed something recorded really quickly. They were so...
  3. LanceBase

    LanceBase Interview with Zach Buckler | Voice Actor

    Zach Buckler - Owner, Zach Buckler's Voice Over Services LanceBase Profile: @zachbuckler Closing in on a decade of involvement in voice acting, social media strategies, and content moderation, Zach also now provides copywriting services for radio stations, marketing companies, and various...