1. S

    Heal The World

    Hello LISTENERS AND VIEWERS! Jay has produced this cover version of Michael Jackson's 'Heal The World' as a tribute to the "King of Pop". He wanted to show that the track is just as relevant and effective with its message now as it was the day when Michael originally wrote and recorded it...
  2. B

    Are you after monetizing your youtube channel
  3. Examscool

    Whiteboard animation

    We will create splendid "Whiteboard Animations or Explainer Videos" exclusively for you Which will deliver complex ideas by simplifying down in your business and explain your brand product or service within seconds. drawing process is done by amalgamating your business idea with advanced...
  4. C

    Freelance Services by craig'svoicetal

    * British Voice Over * Freelancing in the creative industry is all about creating relationships. Letting people know what services you provide and how easy you are to work with. I realized this when a new client of mine was in a pinch and needed something recorded really quickly. They were so...
  5. P

    URGENT!! Videographer Needs contract advice!!!

    So I have a potential client who is subcontracting me to film and create an online course for a university/large company. This person actually presented ME with a contract and I had it looked at by a lawyer because it seemed not to have much protection for me, surprise surprise. The lawyer...
  6. Saddu

    Freelance Services by Saddu

    Hello World, I am Saddu, a freelance animator. My Fiverr Profile If you don't have a video marketing strategy in place, then you are losing money to your competition that does. The math is simple: Whiteboard videos are 80% more effective than boring old text. It's not just consumers who...
  7. Turbo

    Nicki Minaj's 'Barbie Dreams' video features a hefty amount of... puppets?

    Nicki Minaj's 'Barbie Dreams' video features a hefty amount of... puppets? Nicki Minaj's latest video is the last place we thought we'd find a whole bunch of puppets, but here we are. The rapper's new Hype Williams-directed video clip for "Barbie Dreams" from her recently released album...