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    URGENT!! Videographer Needs contract advice!!!

    So I have a potential client who is subcontracting me to film and create an online course for a university/large company. This person actually presented ME with a contract and I had it looked at by a lawyer because it seemed not to have much protection for me, surprise surprise. The lawyer...
  2. bittereye

    Motion Graphics Freelance Services by bittereye

    Hey there and thanks for clicking on this post! Looking for a professional animated Lower Third for your next video content? I can help! Swing by my Fiverr page and select a package that best suits your needs! My Fiverr Gig Page! (Animated Lower Thirds) I created a longer video that Fiverr...
  3. Boyy1993

    Video & Animation Freelance Services by boyy1993x

    Hello everyone. I am 25 years old and i am from the Netherlands, and I will give you the best service in: Video editing - Photo editing - Video slideshows with pictures and videos. I also do promotion work. My services: All my Gigs Video Slideshow Gig. Add text to picture or video, Gig. Add...
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    Welcome, videoedit

    Welcome to LanceBase Forum, @videoedit.