upwork suspension

  1. A

    Lesson learned: How UpWork disabled my account

    I recently posted on Reddit offering my work in exchange for review and the day later UpWork disabled my account I documented full story here Learn from it and never make my mistake. Stay safe.
  2. asifktkonline

    How to avoid Upwork Account suspensions and what to do if it happens

    Dear All, I am new to this freelance community. What should I do to avoid my upwork account for being suspended? In case of suspension, what should I do if I can't get my account reinstated?
  3. chrisdeveloper7

    A Client Told Me They'll Never Use Upwork Again - Here's Why

    I received a message from Upwork after a trip to Greece in October, stating that my account was on hold because I logged in from someplace I don't normally login from. Having family out of state (mine, as well as my wife's), I travel multiple times per year but don't recall getting this message...