1. Turbo

    Freelance News Big Considerations When Traveling for Work

    Big Considerations When Traveling for Work When traveling for work when self-employed, you can book your travel any way you want, but it is important to look at your budget, taxes, and other concerns before booking a work trip as a freelancer ... Continue reading...
  2. C

    Looking for 4 spontaneous freelancers.

    Hi there! I am looking for 4 spontaneous people who are able to work remotely and would like to live/work in a villa with complete strangers for one month :) 4 people are already IN and 4 is still missing! Modern villa 5 minutes from the sea in Spain, Javea is already booked from September...
  3. dawndgolden

    Where are you traveling this summer?

    I'm actually spending the summer in a little resort town in the Wichita Mountains. I have an absolutely gorgeous little cabin and I feel my creativity juices flowing already. I just moved in about a week ago and I'll be staying here for three months. I decided to come here to really buckle down...