time management

  1. soylakate

    What Is A Hybrid Workplace And How To Successfully Manage It In Marketing

    Marketers are one of the professional groups that had to adjust to fully digitalized communication and remote work. With the reopening of offices, a reset for hybrid work will require marketing teams to take a new approach to time management.
  2. soylakate

    10 Resources with Best Productivity Templates

    Productivity templates turn out to be one of the most effective tools that guarantee time management mastery. I have found the top 10 resources offering the best productivity templates you can start using instantly.
  3. soylakate

    12 Must See Time Management YouTube Channels

    Hi guys! I'd like to present you with a list of productivity YouTube channels to improve our time management skills. Helpful and insightful information to absorb and implement in work and life. https://blog.tmetric.com/12-must-see-time-management-youtube-channels/
  4. dawndgolden

    What does your daily schedule look like?

    I thought it would be fun to see what other freelancers do throughout the day. If you have a schedule you stick to – post it here. It may help others create (or recreate) their own schedule! I’ll post mine first. 5:30 AM – wake up, stretch, eat breakfast, feed and walk my dogs 7:00 AM – begin...
  5. dawndgolden

    Do you work on weekends?

    For a long time I worked 7 days a week on my freelance business. I noticed that my work began to get more and more efficient. Writers block, procrastination, and a complete lack of motivation really affected my work. About two months ago I began forcing myself to step away and take weekends off...