1. SjCowdery

    What to do about taxes and deductions?

    Hi gang! I am new to freelance and there is no way I can afford an accountant right now (it's a ramen soup kinda life tbh). I have been doing some reading on the IRS site about what I can deduct for "business" but I am curious if you have found any solid resources or app thingys that work for...
  2. D

    Tax Tips for Freelance Creatives: Debunking Common Myths
  3. JakeSorich

    Tips Important Tax Tips For New Freelance Writers

    Keeping tax records might not seem like a sexy topic, but it's a super important one to master if you're new to freelance writing. To help you start out, here's a few crucial tips. 1. Know how self-employment taxes work As a freelancer, you're considered an independent contractor. So, put...