1. R

    Best Project Management Software Recommendation

    Hey forum members, I am a freelancer for about 2 years now, working on several jobs but now finally found something stable. I've always worked in different software for my calendar keeping, invoices, etc.. But now I am looking for software where all this is under one roof. So an easy software...
  2. Julia_K

    Price formation for different clients

    There are many software developers among freelancers. Once I decided to check what are the salaries of programmers around the world and found an interesting article comparing the income in different countries -...
  3. AidanJohns921

    Freelance Services by Aidan Johns

    Good Day! I'm here to help with a couple different services which range from Graphic Design to Computer Analysis and Technician Services. Let us begin with my Graphic Art Services, I have been doing graphic art through photoshop for the last 4 or 5 years which has been used for numerous things...