1. soylakate

    10 Fun Different Ways to Keep Notes and To-Do Lists

    Notes and to-do lists are great for keeping track of tasks, appointments, and meetings. But if your lists are messy or boring, they’re not much of help. So, I'd recommend injecting creativity and fun into your list-making process and task management.
  2. soylakate

    10 Resources with Best Productivity Templates

    Productivity templates turn out to be one of the most effective tools that guarantee time management mastery. I have found the top 10 resources offering the best productivity templates you can start using instantly.
  3. soylakate

    12 Productivity Tools For Designers And More

    Top 12 productivity tools for designers. The apps cater to the specific needs of designer teams and assist in organizing designer projects and fostering designer creativity and efficiency within the workflow.
  4. soylakate

    12 Must See Time Management YouTube Channels

    Hi guys! I'd like to present you with a list of productivity YouTube channels to improve our time management skills. Helpful and insightful information to absorb and implement in work and life.
  5. N

    Struggling to draw a boundary between work and home life. Help!

    Hi all, Even though working from home has been going on for a while, I am still struggling to find a healthy balance of working and allowing myself to shut off for the day. I would love some tried and tested advice from freelance connoisseurs. How do you switch your brain from work to leisure...
  6. N

    Does anyone use actual notebooks anymore?

    Hi all, I was curious to see what freelancers have to say on this topic. I find myself wanting to keep physical records of the notes I make but all the digital integrations make it quite impossible to completely detach my work from the digital world. Are people still using notebooks to write notes?
  7. Guido

    Have you struggled adapting to working from home?

    Hi everyone, excited to join this forum. While transitioning to working remotely or from home, did you struggle to adapt to the new routine? What was your biggest challenge when adapting? I am asking these questions because I personally had to adapt to working from home, and it was a...
  8. Turbo

    Freelance News Freelancer productivity hacks: How to find your lost motivation

    Freelancer productivity hacks: How to find your lost motivation Sometimes the hardest part of being your own boss isn’t getting clients and earning a steady income. Instead, it’s finding the motivation to actually do the work you’ve been given. At Moonlighting, we ... Continue reading...
  9. UKWriter101

    Tips How to Improve Your Productivity as a Freelancer in 10 Easy Steps

    Working from the comfort of home can be a constant battle between the need to earn a living and the temptation to procrastinate. In fact, this is one of the reasons why some people would never consider leaving full-time employment. They’re simply not confident enough in their self-discipline...