1. R

    3 Creative Use of image masking idea

    Hi everyone! In this tutorial, I’ll be going through some general tips when using layer image masking and a couple of more fun and advanced tricks to use in our paintings, animations, or finishing effects. I hope that helps! A quick introduction to layer image masking is a really powerful tool for …
  2. peterkahn

    Professional best photo editing service| ORBIT GRAPHICS

    To get a fast and easy vignette, hit Command + Shift + N (consult with our totally free download for more Adobe keyboard shortcuts) and hit enter/return to add a new layer. In regards to creating your craft as a photographer, you have done everything right. You've learned all the fundamentals...
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    Bikini Modelling Agencies in Mumbai

    Bikini Mumbai is a Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India based modeling agency. With over 15 years experience in sourcing bikini, swimsuit models for editorial, commercial and advertising campaigns.
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    Freelance Services by Attaboyix

    A link to my 500pix portfolio: