1. davidrocco

    Photo edeiting service company|ORBIT GRAPHICS

    Select Green from the station drop-down listing. The post-processing point is an integral part of digital photography. Even once you've taken a photo that basically looks perfect to you, there is always room for a little photo editing magic to take it to another level. One of the simplest yet...
  2. davidrocco

    Photo Editing Service Provider Company | ORBIT GRAPHICS

    To get a fast and easy vignette, hit Control + Shift + N (consult with our free download for more Adobe keyboard shortcuts) and hit on enter/return to add a new layer. When it comes to creating your craft as a photographer, you've done everything. You have learned all the fundamentals. You have...
  3. erkigold

    I will Edit and Color Grade your Instagram or Business Photos

    WE ALL L O V E GOOD PHOTOS, RIGHT!?! What an Opportunity. W H O A M I ? I am a simply your best and cheapest solution for getting from plain boring picture to New and Live picture you can be proud of. From: "Ok" to "Amazing" I can E D I T your pictures, C O L O R G R A D E...