personal branding

  1. MapWiz

    How to get started with branding

    I've been doing freelance work here and there for friends and people I know. But I actually want to get more serious and eventually freelance consistently. My area is creating GIS maps (digital maps of data) focusing on health data. Nowadays you're seeing lots of COVID maps, which is a perfect...
  2. S

    How I became a successful freelancer

    Hello everyone! I wanted to share my story on what helped me to succeed as a freelancer and brand my services properly. I hope this will give you some valuable insights on how to present yourself to the public and attract more orders. I am a marketing freelancer focusing on brand identity...
  3. HannahFillmore

    Tips Why Freelance Writers Need a Personal Brand

    If you’re a freelancer of any feather, you are your business. To secure desirable new projects, get discovered by new clients, and establish lasting relationships with past clients, then, you need a clear and consistent personal brand. Most people find self-promotion uncomfortable, but...