payment guarantee

  1. Amosdboy1

    I will integrate payment gateways like paypal and others methods

    Are you looking for a developer to add paypal payment in your store? you are at the place. I am here to help you in adding payment gateway to accept online payment in your store. What am I offering to you: One time payment both paypal and stripe and other payment method Recurring payment...
  2. zerosugar

    Can't find a payment method...

    I live in a small country in Europe, Kosovo. I'm trying to get into freelancing but I can't seem to find a way to get paid. Paypal is not supported, I tried to apply to Payoneer they didn't accept my application(customer support was no help). The only way that would work is through Western...
  3. P

    URGENT!! Videographer Needs contract advice!!!

    So I have a potential client who is subcontracting me to film and create an online course for a university/large company. This person actually presented ME with a contract and I had it looked at by a lawyer because it seemed not to have much protection for me, surprise surprise. The lawyer...
  4. Transformify


    Hello, Transformify is a B2B Freelance Marketplace that is commission-free for freelancers, and offers payment guarantee.