1. J

    Hi, my name is Josué

    Im a freelancer.
  2. G

    New Startup Advice In "Taxachusetts"

    Dear Fellow Freelancers, As many probably are more familiar with the laws, I would truly appreciate any advice on a new startup plan. Here is the scenario: I am a college student, who having planned to freelance during high-school, got caught up in tax regulations/questions (college prep took...
  3. Turbo

    Welcome, madaku

    Welcome to LanceBase Forum, @madaku
  4. Lorenda

    Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone My Name is Lorenda and I am from South Africa. I am a mother to 4 children and I just recently started out freelancing full time. Its quite scary to me as I have not yet landed 1 single job but I assume joining communities like these will definitely encourage and help me.
  5. meganrclark

    Good morning!

    I am new to the world of freelance writing, and I am very excited to start my journey with you all. I have the most experience in creative writing but have been branching out more to learn new things, gain experience, and get my name out in the world. A little bit about myself: I'm a 21 year...
  6. desirulz123


    Hello, I'm new here I hope we can get along :)