1. JEINNz

    I Will professionally mix and master your song in 24 Hrs or less

    Hi 👋 I’m JEINNz 🇨🇴 I would like to be your Audio Mixing/Mastering Engineer 🎚🎚 I will professionally mix your Song/Album 💽 (Ready for the Radio 📻, Music Platforms🎙 Internet and Tv 📺) (You can listen some of my mixes/masters by clicking on the GIG Link) 24hrs (Or Less) Delivery 🚚 You...
  2. goblintrial

    Freelance Services by nikostrialonis

    Hi! I'm Nikos Trialonis and I am an Audio Engineer from Heraklion Crete, Greece and I have been an audio engineer for almost 15 years. I have edited,mixed, produced many projects so I would be happy to help with whatever project you have! About This Gig Starting with gain staiging, then i'm...
  3. ColossalAudio

    Freelance Services by ColossalAudio

    Hey, I'm Jason with Colossal Audio. If you are in need of audio mixing services I would love to help. I specialize in Rock and Metal music but audio production is the love of my life, and I can do any work that you need done for a very affordable rate including other genres, video audio, music...