1. F

    Best freelance platform on Amazon

    work at home on Amazon FBA Ninja Masterclass Learn the secret formula used by the award-winning 8-figure seller, Kevin David, to find & sell profitable products on Amazon.
  2. ezilyaev

    The best tech to explore in 6 months

    Hello,lancebase! I fully understand, that I could sound a little bit materialistic, but please don’t offer me to learn Fortran or Basic. I’m getting bachelor degree in computer science and It would be great for me, if I will start learning something to work on freelance. Two years ago I tried to...
  3. C

    Sacked from my last freelance role, how do I approach my next interview?

    Hey all, Unfortunately in my last freelance role I was fired.. A combination of a lack of experience (in this role) and challenging circumstances. I intend to learn from my mistakes, and look for a similar job soon. However, does anyone have any advise on how to tackle the inevitable question...
  4. artemfedin

    A service that automatically finds freelance jobs

    Hey tribe! Have you ever been frustrated - spending hours a day for finding a new client? Not working, doing a search when you have bills to pay? I've been. This is why I started to working on periodix. Periodix helps you spend more time working and less time searching. It aggregates...
  5. MadisonBerens

    New Member

    Good evening, My name is Madison Berens and I'm new to this site. I'm very excited to start posting on here and reading everyone's wonderful work. I would love to get some advice on what works best and how to really get started. If anyone knows the ropes feel free to message me here or via email...