1. TheHixel

    Self-taught young graphic designer & illustrator ready to help

    Hello folks, My name is Alex, known as "thehixel" on the wide web. I'm 20 y/o and started my freelancer journey when I was only 13 years old. Just as stated in the title, I design stuff and I do it full-time. I heard about LanceBase from Mary, one of the staff members, and since we talked on...
  2. ContentType

    Meet... Well, me

    Hey all, So I stumbled across LanceBase when they added me to a freelancer list on Twitter, and now I'm here, checking it out, seeing what's what. So, hey there. I'm Lauren, Australian-born, London-based (for the last decade). I'm a writer, content strategist and editorial leader who has...
  3. Eva-Lynne

    From Software to Staircase

    After more than a decade working for Silicon Valley software company 'giants' building and releasing their products, I made a decision to learn something new. So, I began building things with my hands. I spent the last 3 or so years working in general construction learning how to use the tools...
  4. LanceBase

    Introductions - Posting Guidelines

    Forum Info Please take a moment to say a word of introduction. Consider sharing your story; who you are, where you're from, what you do. Our community is always delighted to meet new members! Forum Guidelines The following guidelines are an addendum to the global forum Rules, and are specific...