1. 4waldo

    Welcome newcomers, Lets welcome all the newcomers with open arms, and knowledge for spreading

    welcome and have a great time
  2. TheHixel

    Self-taught young graphic designer & illustrator ready to help

    Hello folks, My name is Alex, known as "thehixel" on the wide web. I'm 20 y/o and started my freelancer journey when I was only 13 years old. Just as stated in the title, I design stuff and I do it full-time. I heard about LanceBase from Mary, one of the staff members, and since we talked on...
  3. ContentType

    Meet... Well, me

    Hey all, So I stumbled across LanceBase when they added me to a freelancer list on Twitter, and now I'm here, checking it out, seeing what's what. So, hey there. I'm Lauren, Australian-born, London-based (for the last decade). I'm a writer, content strategist and editorial leader who has...
  4. Eva-Lynne

    From Software to Staircase

    After more than a decade working for Silicon Valley software company 'giants' building and releasing their products, I made a decision to learn something new. So, I began building things with my hands. I spent the last 3 or so years working in general construction learning how to use the tools...
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