1. C

    Hello Little fellas! Greetings from far away!

    Hi there everyone ! I am pleased to introduce myself: I'm Chris (nice to meet you people) I am from a South american country, I love being a Volunteer Firefighter (since 2008, wow long ago...). I study Industrial Engineering (Not sure if the translation is called that way) and I also work at...
  2. Trishnatae

    Hiya Everyone!

    It's a pleasure and a blessing to be a part of Lancebase! I am looking forward to networking with my fellow lance basses and receiving any pointers and tips they/you have to offer me. On the same note, if there might be anything I can do to help my comrades in writing, please don't hesitate to...
  3. LanceBase

    Introductions - Posting Guidelines

    Forum Info Please take a moment to say a word of introduction. Consider sharing your story; who you are, where you're from, what you do. Our community is always delighted to meet new members! Forum Guidelines The following guidelines are an addendum to the global forum Rules, and are specific...