1. MXWK77

    Tips Top 5 Tips For Freelancers To Land Their First Online Job

    Landing your first gig/service online was never an easy job, freelancers who are new to the field may not know that until they have tried it themselves. The reason for that is that the competition in this field is way too high. The following tips should help you find your first online job, but...
  2. julianvoll

    Freelance Mentoring: What should be included?

    Dear community, I'm a 6-figure freelancer myself and more and more people asked me if I can teach them how they can do the same. My answer always is that I don't have the time for it or just give them some tips with their current struggles. Since I recognized how much fun it is seeing other...
  3. C

    see my new website

    As I used to be a wix user for website content I've changed over to WordPress because I realized wix wasn't in my favor but WordPress is and is more simple to handle in terms of less "flashy" to users who may not like flash content. Here is my new site with WordPress, please contact me if you...
  4. Tolumoyero1

    Business Plan

    Do you need investor fundings, grants? Have you been looking for a professional, yet attractive business plan? Do you need a company financial plan for investors, and bank loan? Then you need me, yes you need a business plan writer like me. I am exceptionally artistic and dynamic in Writing...
  5. E

    Kindly check out my gigs/service

    check it out and choose the suit your purpose
  6. JennieDeang

    Freelance Services by JennieDeang

    I am Jennie Deang. I am an engineer by profession. Currently, I am a work at home mom and a freelancer. I offer virtual assistance and social media management services. I will be glad to help you with your ecommerce business needs. or become a part of a freelancing team. Connect with me thru my...
  7. C

    Sacked from my last freelance role, how do I approach my next interview?

    Hey all, Unfortunately in my last freelance role I was fired.. A combination of a lack of experience (in this role) and challenging circumstances. I intend to learn from my mistakes, and look for a similar job soon. However, does anyone have any advise on how to tackle the inevitable question...
  8. Krunal

    Started career in Freelancing

    Hello Everyone, I have good years of experience in Graphic Designing and handle so many clients on behalf of my organization. Now I decided to go as a freelancer instead of doing a 9 to 5 job. Can you suggest me the design platforms or strategy from where I can start my freelancing career...
  9. GMJD

    Freelance Services by GMJD

    Dear Community, I am an Australian Digital Artist. I have been studying art for over 9 years. I specialise in photoshop and digital photorealistic fine art. Here is some of my work. Also a video. Yours Gabe @G.M.J.D (Instagram, go follow <3)
  10. rezaafz

    help me to sign up on "freelancer"

    hi I'm a young man from Syria . recently i lost my job and things are getting so hard to me ... last day i became familiar with "freelancer" platform but when i started to sign up i understood that people from Syria can't sign up because of sanctions ... that really made me sad. can anybody help...
  11. Aditya_00

    Freelance Services by Aditya

    I design CUSTOM LOGO concepts for a sports team, club, e-sports, anime, gym or fitness. My designs are unique and standout with incomparable quality. My Skills: Photoshop | Illustrator | CorelDraw | Indesign What will you get? 3 HQ Professional and Unique Logo Concept JPEG, PNG, AI, PSD...
  12. R

    Translation software/machine suggestion?

    Hello all, I would appreciate some suggestions from all of you. Does anybody knows a software that could do large volume subtitle translation with short turnaround time? We do have freelancers and vendors that are doing the job but a translation machine/software would greatly helps to support...
  13. G

    Freelancers sole proprietors

    If I'm getting paid for online work, am I considered a sole proprietor for tax purposes?
  14. P

    Hi from Wantedz

    Hi everyone my name is Phyllis, i'm looking forward to meeting many of you.
  15. ikstoghtebazile

    Tips Dealing with Stress as a Freelancer

    Being a freelancer is stressful; this is an undeniable fact. For some people, the stress is easy to manage because they’ve learned ways to deal with it. For others, it’s a challenge that their education and previous experience didn’t train them for. If you’re finding the stress of freelancing...
  16. TheHixel

    Self-taught young graphic designer & illustrator ready to help

    Hello folks, My name is Alex, known as "thehixel" on the wide web. I'm 20 y/o and started my freelancer journey when I was only 13 years old. Just as stated in the title, I design stuff and I do it full-time. I heard about LanceBase from Mary, one of the staff members, and since we talked on...