1. Turbo

    Freelance News The Liminal Builds a Wonderful World out of Love of Fantasy

    The Liminal Builds a Wonderful World out of Love of Fantasy Blood is being shed. Human flesh is both the end-goal and the playing chip in a wicked game to cheat death. Taylor Holt, magical freelancer, spends most of her time solving supernatural mishaps in the ... Continue reading...
  2. Turbo

    Freelance News Before & After SVA: Ben Cone Goes the Way of Self-Starting Freelancer

    Before & After SVA: Ben Cone Goes the Way of Self-Starting Freelancer Ben Cone graduated from SVA in 2017 with a BFA in Computer Art, Computer Animation and Visual Effects. We caught up with him to see how he’s doing, what he’s learned and what advice he can pass on. Wh... Continue reading...
  3. Turbo

    Freelance News NPR Completes Probe Of Freelancer's Use Of Recyled Audio Clips

    NPR Completes Probe Of Freelancer's Use Of Recyled Audio Clips NPR's internal investigation of freelance news contributor DANIELLE KARSON has concluded that KARSON's reports from 2011 through 2018 contained almost 11% recycled sound bite material, including 157 o... Continue reading...
  4. bethanybaillie

    Landing that job...

    Any tips, and hints on landing that first freelance job? I keep applying to random gigs, and sites, but I never hear anything back even though I do have the time and experience being able to write what they're asking for. HELP ME OBI-WANS.
  5. bethanybaillie

    Freelance Services by Bethany Barich

    Hey there, I'm Bethany and I have experience with blogging, and writing about fitness and health. I also have experience writing essays, script writing, and film criticism. If anything within video needs done, I also have experience with editing. 4+ years of experience with everything...
  6. L

    Web Design - Questions for starting your own agency?

    Hi everyone! My boss, a web agency director, is writing a published book answering the biggest questions that web designers have about transitioning from struggling freelancer to owning a full agency. He’d love to feature your questions in the Q&A portion. If selected, he’ll give you a...
  7. zachbuckler

    Freelance Services by Zach Buckler

    I have more than seven years of experience in social media marketing, voice acting, and content moderation. Please utilize my services here:
  8. meganrclark

    Good morning!

    I am new to the world of freelance writing, and I am very excited to start my journey with you all. I have the most experience in creative writing but have been branching out more to learn new things, gain experience, and get my name out in the world. A little bit about myself: I'm a 21 year...
  9. mahashankar93

    Tips Five Tips to Keep Generating Writing Topics

    As a writer, be it freelance, part-time or full-time, it is not the easiest to always have topics to write about at hand all the time. We all grapple with writer's block for stretches of time, or feel like we have run out of something to write about. But after observing other writers, bloggers...
  10. mahashankar93

    Newbie Freelancer Says Hi!

    Hello guys, My name is Mahalakshmi and I am a newly joined freelance writer here. :) I would really like to get to know all of you! (More like, whoever is interested in initiating a conversation with me.) I would also like it if you could please write one fun fact about yourself, just to...
  11. chloecsalazar

    My fellow writers

    Well hello there, it's nice to e-meet you. This is seemingly my first attempt at freelance writing. I started writing creatively when I was in elementary school and began to dabble in journalism when I was in high school. My senior year, I became the coeditor and chief of the high school...
  12. debng

    What kind of freelancing does everyone do?

    I'm a writer, but I've also worked on an independent contractor basis as a social media consultant and an event planner for social media conferences. What does everyone do?
  13. desirulz123


    Hello, I'm new here I hope we can get along :)
  14. Y

    What kind of skills to look for please

    Hello, I am new to hiring freelancers. I am interested in hiring freelancers to make animated children videos of famous children songs. However, i don't know what skills to look for please? Like what program the freelancer should know or what is the name of the actual technology to produce...
  15. lea_abboud

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Lea, I'm from Ottawa Canada. I work in Marketing and my role is to support freelancers and agencies in finding work with clients in the commerce space. I want to learn more about the freelancer community and I'm excited to be here!
  16. witchwriter

    Freelancers Bureau

    I think there should be a Freelancer's Bureau governing independent contractors and content giggers online. How do younpritect an idea? When does pitching a gig turn into you brainstorming for predatory strangers for free? Granted there is no telling how many black hat ways the web has of...
  17. chundley

    Co-working groups?

    For those who freelance full-time, I was wondering if you take advantage of local co-working meet-up groups or co-working spaces, and what your experiences have been with them. I'm planning to go to my first next Tuesday, and I'm rather curious as to whether meeting new people will throw me off...
  18. witchwriter

    The gig that ate my brain

    Everybody has a gig thatcwent over the top and ate their brain. Minevwas a 300,000 word eBook on real estate. I wrote the book using voice to text software. I completed the assignment but my mind turned to mush. I spent so much time and energy working on this project I Couldn't keep up with my...
  19. alliemb

    Undergraduate at CMU Researching Online Work - I NEED YOUR HELP!

    Dear Lance Base Community, My name is Allie and I’m undergraduate student involved in a summer research program at Carnegie Mellon University. During my short research internship, I’m conducting interviews with online workers. I’m conducting these interviews because I’m interested in better...
  20. ben_sherlock

    Tips Tips for Getting Started as a Freelance Journalist

    Journalism is quite possibly the best avenue into steady work as a freelance writer. If you write an essay about your trip to Amsterdam, you can only sell it to one travel magazine once. But the news is happening all around us all the time, and there are countless websites desperate for people...