freelance gig

  1. TriAngelsHH

    TAHH says "Your Life Is A Business"

    TAHH says "Your Life Is A Business" and you need to show up within it in a meaningful way for the benefit of yourself. A meaningful way that engages and initiates the attraction, maintenance and increase of your particular sales. You have a particular gift in life that can aid your business as a...
  2. Josech22

    Freelance Services by Josech22

    I Will Convert PDF to Word or Excel HI! My name is Jose Chirinos. I have a degree in computer science and more than 4 years of experience as a virtual assistant. I specialize in converting pdf documents to word or excel. If needed, I can provide other delivery formats such as google docs...
  3. artemfedin

    A service that automatically finds freelance jobs

    Hey tribe! Have you ever been frustrated - spending hours a day for finding a new client? Not working, doing a search when you have bills to pay? I've been. This is why I started to working on periodix. Periodix helps you spend more time working and less time searching. It aggregates...