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  1. julianvoll

    Freelance Mentoring: What should be included?

    Dear community, I'm a 6-figure freelancer myself and more and more people asked me if I can teach them how they can do the same. My answer always is that I don't have the time for it or just give them some tips with their current struggles. Since I recognized how much fun it is seeing other...
  2. crazyfreelance

    Client Paid TWICE the Price on Fiverr [Check Conversation]

    Hey Freelancers! I've something awesome to share with you today especially for beginners who are stuck in low-price orders. Wanna know how much I charge and how long it takes me to deliver an average order? That's what I'm going to share with you Today! One of my clients asked for a quote...
  3. lea_abboud

    Hi Everyone!

    My name is Lea, I'm from Ottawa Canada. I work in Marketing and my role is to support freelancers and agencies in finding work with clients in the commerce space. I want to learn more about the freelancer community and I'm excited to be here!
  4. GabrielleP

    Tips Tips for Saying No to a Client Like a Professional

    As freelancers, the idea of turning down a new or repeat client might sound like the end of the world. After all, you know how difficult it can be to land the right project, and, especially if you’re relatively new to the game, you might feel a little obligated to always say yes, no matter the...