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    The best freelance market place to make use of?

    The best freelance to make use of is fiverr, becausE; 1. It is easy to setup 2. It is easy to use 3. You can easily get more projects done. On fiverr, you find the best sellers to help you in accomplishing your project. Now lets' take a look at this profile for example,
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    Find yourself an Awesome content for your Blog/Website

    Hello there, Petecomg here. Have you been looking for an awesome cbd blog post? Your cbd blog needs a content that turns your customers into a community and you be in need of a great cbd blog post or cbd writer, you can always count on my articles, they are top contents.With my cbd articles...
  3. witchwriter

    Sample writing scams

    Wiw do I hate getting worked over for a sample scam. I answered an ad on Craig's list to summarize a couple of book chapters. I realize now this was just a way of getting someone to write a better book for him. The quality of the source material was awful. I am pretty sure some guy hanging...
  4. witchwriter

    Making a flash page

    I started a webpage some whole back with links to my content online by subject and purpose. Some of it was SEO and some of it was self conceived and published on AC and the like. This way instead of writing endless emails explaining all the stuff I had done I could just send the URL and the...
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    I worry about the black hat or gray hat methods that people are willing to use to get ahead in domaining. Is it a concern for anyone else that so much technology is becoming available to scrape and spin our products into profit for third parties?
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    I have been getting aggressive marketing emails to join this service. I have never heard of anyone who has worked for it or used it. Is this a contenr startup in the beginning cycle or a viable platform?
  7. witchwriter

    Salary Negotiable

    Wow do I hate to see this in a content gig. At the very least there should be a range. The N word always makes me feel like the client is just taking a survey to ratchet everyone down to the bottom dollar.
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    Freelance Services by Witchwriter

    I perform researched articles, website content, advising, end-to-end production of enterprise websites and work in close consultations with client to make their brainstorms come true.
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    You knew it wasn't a real writing job when...

    the respondent replied to my samples and quote with all kinds of questions about NY personal identity and background, while the domain in their Siggy line. goes to a blank cgi-_bin directory. And that directory is a staging area with white-hat hacker HTML pages inserted into each one...