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    I will launch and setup your gofundme, indiegogo, kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

    YOU ARE HIGHLY WELCOME!!! I want to encourage people to consider crowdfunding as a way to access capital without going into debt or resorting to financing venture capital. I have done it myself effectively, spoken about it at conferences, and I provide the tools for clients to be able to...
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    I will do organic promotion of gofundme campaign to get more donors

    INDIEGOGO> KICKSTARTER >GOFUNDME>CAMPAIGN PROMOTION HELLO WEALTHY BUYER, Here You Get The Best Organic Crowdfunding Campaign Marketing To The People That Need To See It Every campaign success is determined by the amount of great exposure it gets and how professional it is promoted...
  3. barto92

    Freelance Services by barto92

    Hi everyone! I'm offering various services on Fiverr, one of them the creation of Google PPC campaigns: For any questions or tips, please contact me. Also visit my profile to see all my gigs! Best, Bart