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    I will launch and setup your gofundme, indiegogo, kickstarter crowdfunding campaign

    YOU ARE HIGHLY WELCOME!!! I want to encourage people to consider crowdfunding as a way to access capital without going into debt or resorting to financing venture capital. I have done it myself effectively, spoken about it at conferences, and I provide the tools for clients to be able to...
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    I will set up and promote your crowdfunding campaign to alot of audience and drive it to success
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    The best freelance market place to make use of?

    The best freelance to make use of is fiverr, becausE; 1. It is easy to setup 2. It is easy to use 3. You can easily get more projects done. On fiverr, you find the best sellers to help you in accomplishing your project. Now lets' take a look at this profile for example,