1. Turbo

    Freelance News 7 Things I Did When Things Got Slow As A Freelancer

    7 Things I Did When Things Got Slow As A Freelancer A friend sent me a photo today. It was a reminder of a project I did back in 2012 or 2013. I was a “Freelancer” at that time. Which really meant I was just doing whatever I could to make money. Continue reading...
  2. Turbo

    Uber's new logo is just the word 'Uber'

    Uber's new logo is just the word 'Uber' Uber hailed itself a new logo, and it's, well, very Uber. The company unveiled its new branding Wednesday and the ride-hailing company's return to the "U." The Uber app and everywhere the Uber icon appears (like on its Twitter page and website) will...
  3. kface

    Graphics & Design Freelance Services by Mint Design

    Hi, If you're looking for a great logo feel free to contact me! Get a great logo design like shown in my portfolio. Impress your friends, clients & family! Where to use your signature logo? EVERYWHERE! Business cards Web Blog T-shirts Photography/watermark E-mail signature Instagram /...
  4. Aditya_00

    Hello Everyone, I am new in LanceBase

    I am a full time freelance graphic designer. I offer logo design, brochure, letterhead, business card, envelope, web design.
  5. HannahFillmore

    Tips Why Freelance Writers Need a Personal Brand

    If you’re a freelancer of any feather, you are your business. To secure desirable new projects, get discovered by new clients, and establish lasting relationships with past clients, then, you need a clear and consistent personal brand. Most people find self-promotion uncomfortable, but...