1. Q

    Branding service showcase

    I help people brainstorm the best mission statements for their brands. Kindly check me out
  2. MapWiz

    How to get started with branding

    I've been doing freelance work here and there for friends and people I know. But I actually want to get more serious and eventually freelance consistently. My area is creating GIS maps (digital maps of data) focusing on health data. Nowadays you're seeing lots of COVID maps, which is a perfect...
  3. jan

    I will create a logo design with a branding identity package

    My Fiverr gig link: Need a helping hand with your logo & branding design troubles? No worries! purpleartist is here to be of great help for your design needs. May it be a big company or a small business, I've got you covered:) Whether you're just starting a...
  4. B

    Freelance Services by blossomoverdyr

    WHAT ARE THE BEST WAYS TO MAKE YOUR LIFE EASIER? Have you at any point wished you had your very own simple catch (you know, to make your life simpler)? For occupied high-achievers, life surely has its minutes. What's more, at times, with all our enormous thoughts, massive undertakings, huge...
  5. Turbo

    Freelance News 7 Things I Did When Things Got Slow As A Freelancer

    7 Things I Did When Things Got Slow As A Freelancer A friend sent me a photo today. It was a reminder of a project I did back in 2012 or 2013. I was a “Freelancer” at that time. Which really meant I was just doing whatever I could to make money. Continue reading...
  6. Turbo

    Uber's new logo is just the word 'Uber'

    Uber's new logo is just the word 'Uber' Uber hailed itself a new logo, and it's, well, very Uber. The company unveiled its new branding Wednesday and the ride-hailing company's return to the "U." The Uber app and everywhere the Uber icon appears (like on its Twitter page and website) will...
  7. kface

    Freelance Services by Mint Design

    Hi, If you're looking for a great logo feel free to contact me! Get a great logo design like shown in my portfolio. Impress your friends, clients & family! Where to use your signature logo? EVERYWHERE! Business cards Web Blog T-shirts Photography/watermark E-mail signature Instagram /...
  8. Aditya_00

    Hello Everyone, I am new in LanceBase

    I am a full time freelance graphic designer. I offer logo design, brochure, letterhead, business card, envelope, web design.
  9. HannahFillmore

    Tips Why Freelance Writers Need a Personal Brand

    If you’re a freelancer of any feather, you are your business. To secure desirable new projects, get discovered by new clients, and establish lasting relationships with past clients, then, you need a clear and consistent personal brand. Most people find self-promotion uncomfortable, but...