1. JEINNz

    I Will professionally mix and master your song in 24 Hrs or less

    Hi 👋 I’m JEINNz 🇨🇴 I would like to be your Audio Mixing/Mastering Engineer 🎚🎚 I will professionally mix your Song/Album 💽 (Ready for the Radio 📻, Music Platforms🎙 Internet and Tv 📺) (You can listen some of my mixes/masters by clicking on the GIG Link) 24hrs (Or Less) Delivery 🚚 You...
  2. rhdigitalmedia

    I will edit your podcast!

    Hi there! Here is the link to my Fiverr podcast gig! I have professional experience working in the radio and podcast industry, check out some of my work Feel free to get in touch! Rhys
  3. V

    Freelance Services by Verbbmusic

    Hi, am a music producer and audio engineer. I can make an extremely awesome beat, mix and master your songs too. Check out my Fiverr gig here Thank You.