1. Vadim_L

    Localization & Translation Freelance Services by Vadim Lysenko

    Grettings, I’m specialized in app and game localization for both iOS and android. My most recent projects include but not limited to: games – ZombieStrike the Last War of Idle Battle, Food Conga, Kitty in the Box, Adventures of Baki, Doughlings, Football Superstar, Soccer Academy Owner...
  2. Turbo

    How to Easily Locate the Accelerometer in an iPhone

    How to Easily Locate the Accelerometer in an iPhone Don't take apart your phone! Circular motion, an app to record sensor data, and some physics is all you need. Continue reading...
  3. witchwriter

    Glass door too intrusive?

    I signed up at Glass door and tried to leave a review. OMG before it would let me review the company they set up a link to the Google store for an app to be put on my phone. It had logged my phone model and serial number. and wanted access to all email accounts on my phone and the flash drive...