1. T

    Things are not going well for me

    Hello. My name is Cassidy and I joined this forum because I think I'm doing this whole freelancing thing wrong. I graduated from college in August of 2017 with a BA in animation and absolutely could not get a job in the industry to save my life. Eventually, I landed a minimum wage job at a...
  2. Y

    What kind of skills to look for please

    Hello, I am new to hiring freelancers. I am interested in hiring freelancers to make animated children videos of famous children songs. However, i don't know what skills to look for please? Like what program the freelancer should know or what is the name of the actual technology to produce...
  3. witchwriter

    Careers in cartoons

    I see a lot of adverts in Craigslist and am thinking of breaking outninto political cartoons or satire style cartoons. I've checked out books showing how to do heads and faces. But all the social media campaigns are based on identy based social meeting accounts. These type cartoons are best...