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  1. witchwriter

    JOB Scoping

    Just heard about this term on a black hat forum. This is when the hiring contractor extends the gig so they don't have to pay. Wow has this happened to me. While you're doing a job
  2. witchwriter

    Freelancers Bureau

    I think there should be a Freelancer's Bureau governing independent contractors and content giggers online. How do younpritect an idea? When does pitching a gig turn into you brainstorming for predatory strangers for free? Granted there is no telling how many black hat ways the web has of...
  3. witchwriter

    Careers in cartoons

    I see a lot of adverts in Craigslist and am thinking of breaking outninto political cartoons or satire style cartoons. I've checked out books showing how to do heads and faces. But all the social media campaigns are based on identy based social meeting accounts. These type cartoons are best...
  4. witchwriter

    Abiword for word processing

    While text files saved in Word for Windows is now the industry standard I have used a standalone word processing program called Abiword. (This is not an advert) Abiword has a clean and simplified look that is much less cluttered than Word. Most people dont know this but most laptops and...
  5. witchwriter

    Using Google docs

    Does anyone here use Google docs as a manner to upload and share deliverables? I want to get opinions on this because I see advantages and disadvantages of using Google Docs for content files delivery.
  6. witchwriter

    Sample writing scams

    Wiw do I hate getting worked over for a sample scam. I answered an ad on Craig's list to summarize a couple of book chapters. I realize now this was just a way of getting someone to write a better book for him. The quality of the source material was awful. I am pretty sure some guy hanging...
  7. witchwriter

    99 cent domain at 1&1

    OK so the price of a dotcom.registration being above ten bucks bothered me I did a Google search and found that 1&1 offered 99 cent domains. I got one for a grand total of $1.17 us. Awesome. Next time I want to make a great website instead of pitching to reluctant seo chiefs I van make it...
  8. witchwriter

    Making a flash page

    I started a webpage some whole back with links to my content online by subject and purpose. Some of it was SEO and some of it was self conceived and published on AC and the like. This way instead of writing endless emails explaining all the stuff I had done I could just send the URL and the...
  9. witchwriter

    Glass door too intrusive?

    I signed up at Glass door and tried to leave a review. OMG before it would let me review the company they set up a link to the Google store for an app to be put on my phone. It had logged my phone model and serial number. and wanted access to all email accounts on my phone and the flash drive...
  10. witchwriter


    I worry about the black hat or gray hat methods that people are willing to use to get ahead in domaining. Is it a concern for anyone else that so much technology is becoming available to scrape and spin our products into profit for third parties?
  11. witchwriter

    Is Payoneer Legit?

    I am.noticing more and more on some of the details Regarding Payoneer. What benefits does it confer other than a Paypal Clone? Is it only for international e-commerce then? Anyone here have experience with it? My interest would be with respect to micropayments.
  12. witchwriter

    The skill you most wish you could do is....

    integrate backend databases in to a website to make a game feature. To make a video game out of my most awesome ideas.
  13. witchwriter

    Content Writing Ombudsman

    I wonder if us giggers need an industry ombudsman? PayPal can't do it and every escrow section still answers to the house. I never was able to make money with Flippa and according to their central concept I should have. Yet I see a lot of people getting steamrolled into underpricing their...
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    I have been getting aggressive marketing emails to join this service. I have never heard of anyone who has worked for it or used it. Is this a contenr startup in the beginning cycle or a viable platform?
  15. witchwriter

    Salary Negotiable

    Wow do I hate to see this in a content gig. At the very least there should be a range. The N word always makes me feel like the client is just taking a survey to ratchet everyone down to the bottom dollar.
  16. witchwriter

    mistakes In commercials & captioning

    I saw a car commercial yesterday and the final flash card had a very common word misspelled. I notice on the news too often on MSNBC or Fox the "stock ticker" has misspelled words or improper tenses or whatnot. This isn't just captioning shorthand I'm talking about. Doesn't that bother you? If I...
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    Freelance Services by Witchwriter

    I perform researched articles, website content, advising, end-to-end production of enterprise websites and work in close consultations with client to make their brainstorms come true.
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    Online Blues Poll

    Think you have been freelancing since Dinosaurs roamed the Earthlink_? take the poll and see how you compare to your online brethren.
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    I heard about Wix the other day. Does anybody here use Wix? You sign up for free and then sign up and design sires as a showcase kind of build a portfolio?
  20. witchwriter

    You knew it wasn't a real writing job when...

    the respondent replied to my samples and quote with all kinds of questions about NY personal identity and background, while the domain in their Siggy line. goes to a blank cgi-_bin directory. And that directory is a staging area with white-hat hacker HTML pages inserted into each one...