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  1. Linda

    Freelance Services by Linda

    Hello, Please visit my website for Services, Pricing, FAQ's, Testimonials and more. I offer quality results in a timely manner for those who may not have the time to do their Resumes.
  2. Linda

    Freelance Services by Linda

    Do you have a Resume? Need your Resume updated? Whether you need updates or an entire resume, Resume Design will produce what you need. People express how good it looks or they come back and say, "I got the job." I know the Resume is your first impression of a potential employer and I want to...
  3. Linda

    Welcome, Linda

    Hello, I'm Ms. Linda and I just joined. I made a post on my Instagram account for my business and LanceBase made a comment on it. I decided to check it out and here I am. Looking forward to seeing what services or products are offered by this group of people