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    How did everybody Get involved in Freelancing?

    I am just wondering what drove everybody here on this forum to get involved with freelancing in general? Did a classic 9-5 job not appeal to you, or were you laid off or was there some sort of difficulty you had that held you back from working normally. Or do you guys freelance in addition to...
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    Thoughts on User Testing

    Hello All I have recently come across this website called User Testing. It claims to be a website meant for beta testing and meant for users to review websites and products and record videos where you talk through your thought process and testing? I tried to download the speech recorder...
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    Beta Tester

    I have been trying to get involved in that space for a few weeks. I really want to start downloading and testing apps and reviewing them for a living. I looked into opportunities like this on craigslist, but I haven't been able to get any traction!! Chris if you could point me in the right...
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    Not Paid

    This actually happened to me the other day. I was told I would be paid to write multiple reviews on yelp in exchange for cash payment, however after I had written the reviews and showed proof of this to my client, they ghosted me and never responded with my payment. I was very taken aback as...
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    How to Deal With a Boss That Takes Credit for Your Work??

    Hello All... I have recently encountered a problem at my work with my boss and I am worried if I handle it wrong I could be fired and I could really use the input of this forum. First I must set the stage. So, I work in a biotechnology firm as a financial analyst, but sometimes I dabble in lab...
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    Greetings and Salutations From Shiv Mathur

    Hello LanceBase community, I am your newest member Shiv Mathur from San Diego. I am currently a senior attending Portland State University and I am only a term or two away from getting my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration. I have always had an interest in running my own...
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    What a great day to be alive :D

    What a great day to be alive :D