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  1. AgnesM

    Thread for evaluation

    I'd would be interesting to have a tab where people can help each other with commentary on their body of work. What they can improve and make better in order to bounce of ideas.
  2. AgnesM

    Writing & Transcription Freelance Servies by Agnes Musee

    Hi, Id appreciate if you guys can check out some of my body of work. Here is a link to my portfolio.
  3. AgnesM

    Iphone X?

    Is it worth getting the iPhone X? I have an iPhone 6 right now and it's still going strong. The only real reason I would want to upgrade is to bump up the storage space. it gets annoying getting notifications and having to delete videos or photos. Another, option is waiting until the next iPhone...
  4. AgnesM

    Youtube tips?

    I've been focusing on my Youtube Channel these days and I was wondering if anyone had any tips for increasing subscriber count and making great watchable content. So far I have a couple tricks up my sleeve, but its hard to be consistent. If anyone has had great success with their youtube...
  5. AgnesM

    Hello all!

    Hi, My name is Agnes, I'm 24 years old and I graduated with communication degree. My specialties include writing, social media, photoshop, and video editing. Since I graduated, I've dabbled in freelance here and there as I looked for full time income. It feels good to own your own business and...