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  1. Julia_K

    Price formation for different clients

    There are many software developers among freelancers. Once I decided to check what are the salaries of programmers around the world and found an interesting article comparing the income in different countries -...
  2. Julia_K

    Welcome, Julia_K

    Thanks! My name is Julia. I take high administrative position in a company but I am interested in digital nomading and freelancing. My hobbies are technology and traveling.
  3. Julia_K

    How to get clients?

    Networking. Recommendations work the best! You can visit meetups and conferences where you can find your target audience.
  4. Julia_K

    Fiverr is getting worse?

    Do you think it's Fiverr's problem? I guess the competition is getting worse, and now both freelancers and agencies fight for each customer and drop down prices. Fiverr takes care about newbies for sure, but I don't think they forget about their loyal audience because you're their source of income.